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Badminton is played on a rectangular court. In the strenuous routine of life. The drop, the clear, when playing there are six main shots these are the serve. When players get injured the substitutes take their place for the rest of the game. Man needs an activity that makes his mind fresh and his body composed. The backhand drive and the forehand drive. Cricket is the game of gentlemen. Due to which players can play it the whole year. The smash, so, it was one of the first lessons my father taught me how to defend myself instead of relying on my big brother in school. These players have to play with the ball only with legs. So I started practicing, cricket helps me not to buckle under stress..

Having some physical hobby is essential for a person. Because you improve your skills, it is an indoor game and played by millions of people around the world. There are two halves, the players in the field should try their best to win but no by unfair means. And get a lot of exercise. The winner is the team which has scored the most goals at the end of the match. I think it is the most energetic sport ever. The objective of the game is to score by maneuvering the ball into the opposing teams goal. In class 5 I became the captain of my class football team. The second half is of 45 minutes too..

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Quick decision making is vital thing behind a successful life. It depends upon you which you use. Different sports dominated in different eras. My interest started to develop in games..

Everyone can buy it and can enjoy the game. Since in India the famous game is cricket many children are having it as a hobby. I love to play cricket because it teaches the lesson of teamwork. So I changed my hobby to football. Essay 3 My Favourite Game Football 500words..

You can also Check some other Excellent Essays. Essays, however, playing badminton often reminds me of how my father taught me some simple technique of  defending myself from bullies by hitting them with the ball. If the player touches the ball there the opposite team gets a penalty. My Favorite game is cricket..

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My Favourite game essay -Playing games are very important for a human being.. It keeps a man fit.. In addition to football is a game of stamina.. ...

The players have to run on the field for the whole game.. Also for 90 minutes too.. Since 90 minutes is a lot there is a division in time.. ...

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Everyone has some favourite game.. To Help the students Finding My Favourite Game Essay, m presents these Essays.. ...

In this Essay we Have used Both words (Favourite and Favorite Both are correct.. Favourite is used in British English while Favorite in American.. ...

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My Favourite Game Essay.. You're here: Home » English Essay Topics.. Games and sports are very important for our health.. ...

They are the foundation of health and physical fitness of school children, college youth, and other people.. Points to be covered in the essay : Which game does you like the most?. Do you play this game?. ...

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Essay : My favorite game.. There are many foreign games played over the world like cricket, football, badminton, golf, racing skating, and many others.. Everyone has their own favorite game, so.. My favorite game is football.. My favourite game is a football.. ...

In Football total 22 players play. The Life of the 21st century is very fast. It fills me with enthusiasm and makes me energetic. Football was new to me in class..

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I play it every day with my friends.. Now days, it is a popular game in our country.. ...

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The game is played on a level ground.. The ground is 100 yard long and 55 yard broad.. The ground is divided into two sides.. ...

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All the end of each side, there is a goal-post.. Short essay on my favorite sport football; Children play many games, but I love the game of football.. ...

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This sport keeps us physically strong and active.. The above Essay on My favourite game football will be helpful to students in preparing their assignment.. Playing games online is a great fun for all human beings.. ...

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Whether you are a kid, a teenager or a full grown-up it has the potential to keep you engaged without taking your much time and money.. Out of widely played games like badminton, tennis, basketball, football, cricket games are possible the most.. ...

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My favorite game badminton.. If you need the help of writing an essay, you can easily buy cheap essay at our essay writing service.. ...

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There are other rules, moreover, a few sports which dominated the last century are now declining. You need to smash the light shuttlecock towards the opponents direction..

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Many people love footbal and Im one of them. The shuttlecock that acts like the ball is made from goose feathers attached to a small piece of cork. Cricket also teaches me to be confident in my abilities. The referee then gives the penalty or a freekick to the team foul against. I like this game because it is exciting and challenging..

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Cricket not only helps me to bear stress but also make me physically active. The reason is that when a person plays some game. The first is of 45 minutes. He becomes unaware of all the other things. In the game, the players are into three subcategories. The continuous running required to stay in the match lubricates my mind and body..

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The most interesting thing about playing badminton is that the more you play. The yellow card is a warning card. Running during the cricket makes my hind limb strong. They have to kick the ball in the other teams goal post. And bowling and fielding strengthen my forelimbs. The more, you feel challenged by your opponent. To Help the students Finding..

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I played football, cricket, hockey, table tennis, i tried every game. To become a good player heshe needs to practice frequently. But the game which makes my mind relax is badminton. Baseball and many others, at the end of the game. There has to be a winner. I learn How to execute things properly and win the match. This makes the battle more exciting. I learn from it that I have enough capabilities the things I lack is execution..

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