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These three would go on to form the first triumvirate. This caused them to start little arguments that turned into wars. The Social War was in, one of the assasins of Caesar was a man named Quintus Caepio Brutus. That is where the phrase Crossing the Rubican came from. It is a matter of opinion on whether one person or another believes if what Caesar was doing was soulfully for himself or for his people. Other wars arose because the Senate was not fair to the people that they governed in Roman providences and countries under their controll. During this time period he showed another act of moral courage. C Many of Sulla s sympathizers disagreed and revolted. Normally a proconsulship lasts only one year..

Caesar had been put in charge of Gaul and had acted as procosul. Since the conquring of Gaul years befor. Wars like this one, research Paper, c While Caesar was away in Gaul there were problems back in Rome. The war raged on until, not only was young Caesar stuck right in the middle of this conflict but other events later arose in his childhood that changed him too. The reason for this murder was because these senators still believed that Caesar had too much power even though he had so forcfully refused the crown. After the battle of Phanslavs Caesar showed moral courage by offering clemancy to the senators and others who had fought against them. Marcus Antonius Gnipho was this mans name and he was an excellent tutor for Caesar. Led to rise of other powers and more civil wars within the Roman civilization. Moral Courage showed by Julius Caesar. When the civil was was finally over when Caesar finally got to rule and lead Rome the way that he wanted..

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Caesar then said that he should be dictator. It made no difference in the way he ruled because Caesar was always away on battles and really had no time to rule. During the next 15 years he became allies with two very important people from Roman society. His main focus was on his own personal ambition..

This just means how close the assasins were to Caesar. Cleopatra s brother ended up getting killed and she gained the trown. He refused the crown 11, almost all of the senators were from a few aristocratic families and in Caesars time. The Senate then said that Caesar was to not cross the Rubican river and return to Rome unless he was alone and without his army. All that these nobles wanted to do was to gain more power and wealth..

1 He managed to overcome these problems and became the great leader that everyone has heard of today. They were headed by two Consuls elected annually for one year terms. Finally, this marriage was different than his last one. Fell off his wall that day too. The aromour that once belonged to Mars..

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So he decided to raise his own armies. The man that was fighting the war with Sulla 11, even though Sulla had let him live Caesar had become a fugitive of the Rome and of Sulla. Caesar even wrote a book about his travels in Gaul called The Galic Wars. Caesar did not have the support of the full support of the Senate..

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Pompey and much of the Senate fled Rome and sailed to Greece. At this time he chose to return to Rome and start his political career. These moral acts helped his people and made him a better leader than he had been before..

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They were the most powerful because they controlled public funds. It was another controversial one though. Determined foreign policy and, and even acted as a court. Pompey had been married to Caesar s daughter Julia and that had been a great bond between the two. The fact that Caesar defied the leader of his country and became an enemy of his country for the love of his woman would be considered moral courage by todays standards. There are some interesting myths that are roumored about Caesar s death..

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Rome realized more recognition and a member of politicoecclesiastical college of pontifices. Even though Pompey was dead and his army defeated. To distract Caesar some of the conspiritors came up to Caesar and started asking him for favors. Many of his actions were done so that he would succeed in his battles and get support of the people. After becoming govenor of Narbonese Gaulsouthern France. But there were some instances in which his acts of courage were purely moral and not solely for himself. C Others continued the fight against Caesar. While Caesar was away from Rome fighting..

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His leadership came from the way he was brought up and what he did with his life. C This meant there was to be a war. From Caesar said that Cisalpine Gaul was the flower of italy. Instead of learning from his parents a tutor was hired to educate him and teach him the ways of life. " then in, the mainstay of the Empire of the Roman peoplethe ornament of its dignity..

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The Senate was furious at his blatant disregard for their orders. So he defied the Senate and continued to do as he was doing. Caesar raised his own ransom and freed himself 11, none of them lived to see the next year. Caesar didn t want to give up his army. Introduction, gaius Julius Caesar had moral courage..

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