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The nature of marriage has transformed in definition in addition to its makeup. Gay marriage should not be legalized since it is an abnormal practice and does not seem to yield any positive result to the society. Married couples even in gay cases commit to one partner and build a life together. The proponents are thus wondering what traditionists are trying to defend since the marriage today is unlike that of the past two millennia or two centuries ago. This is even in countries which accepted homosexual relationships but did not have the concept of gay marriage which is a modern concept. For long the society has viewed the idea of allowing civil rights to particular groups as offensive. Who view this as incorrect, in conclusion, proponents argue that the exact same role is fulfilled by both the gay and non gay couples in the society. This is in accordance with those opposing gay marriage contrary to those proposing. It is of question what gays are trying to achieve by getting a marriage certificate rather than just saying that they are couples. Gay couples are regarded unnatural hence their unnatural unions cannot be viewed as marriage..

This is the kind of lifestyle that the society encourages. Etc, among other problems, psychological disorders, lifestyles that are unhealthy should be discouraged. Gay marriage will never be a real marriage since the definition of marriage is the union between a man and a woman. The proponents of gay marriage claim that the chances of acquiring complications related to sexuality for instance sexually transmitted diseases are low as they get married to one individual and stem from carefree lifestyles where individuals have unprotected sex with multiple partners. The society would be damaged by normalizing such abnormal relationships and behaviors. On the other hand, in the long run, there are many forms of opposition to equal civil rights for gay individuals. Placing the civil law under religious laws dominion would mean gay marriage will remain banned. Gay couples cannot give rise to offspring therefore they should not be accorded similar status as fertile straight couples according to opponents. The opponents of gay marriage discourage gay lifestyle as a lot of research has indicate that it results into various negative things such as lowering the life expectancy. Similarly to other lifestyles such as drinking. Smoking, a heated debate has been going on with many individuals opposing the idea of gay marriage whereas there are those that support..

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2010, there are individuals who are neither male nor female. In, therefore defining marriage on the basis of sex who denies these individuals the chance to get married Cline. Those who support marriage normal have the question why there shouldnt be legalized gay marriage which is not a correct question since gay marriage has never been in existence. Sociology, marriage is an institution meant to procreate and raise children, the liberty of religion is not compatible with gay marriage according to opposers..

According to The Baron 2008 gay marriage is an issue of equal rights. Therefore making gay marriage legal would constitute a sacrilege type in addition to unjustified state intrusion into this religious matter. Marriage is taken to be an important religious rite. These individuals are denied the same rights as nongay persons genuinely and the society is thus burdened with the obligation to remedy that. Various studies approximate a life expectancy for homosexuals of twenty years less than the general population. Proponents claim to benefit from strong family values and the giving up of highrisk sexual lifestyles which is encouraged by the society. Others argue that gay marriage should only be tolerated as a social fairness matter but the state should not validate them or regard them as a form of marriage..

Gay marriage is a marriage between two individuals of the same sex as opposed to straight marriage whereby individuals of different sexes form a union. Feeney 2004 explains the biblical view of homosexuality which the bible denies those who practice it the right to inherit the kingdom of God. This inability to naturally procreate leads to increased adoptions for individuals who would have raised their own children. Many negative opinions about homosexuality results from this premise which attract other arguments..

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2008, this kind of practice has attracted a lot of attention since many people wonder what the point of this marriage. This has resulted into animosity based on religion towards the gay couples. The opponents of gay marriage claim that only the marriage between men and women is legitimate contrary to the proponents who believe in gay marriage. The burden of proof is wholly on the pro side which requires recognizing samesex relationships officially because civilization of human has become well enough without gay marriage for thousands of years The Baron..

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It has emerged in the modern world especially among the youths 2009, the concept of gay marriage was not known in the past although homosexuality still existed. On the other hand, opponents claim that this would weaken the marriage institution in addition to weakening the traditional values held by our society Messerli. Gay marriage is accorded similar consideration and encouragement since it is also marriage..

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Authority, legal and social reasons have been given by the opponents of gay marriage but much argument goes back to religion. The establishment of norms of identity. This is incompatible with the religious liberty of the conservatives. And power is threatened by gay marriage. This is contrary to those opposed to the gay ideas who view it as completely wrong. This argument adds more heat to the already heated up debate about gay marriage as it is controversial..

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2009, these prospective changes would threaten those with authority and power and have created identity using them Cline. Proponents argue that the gay should be allowed marriage benefits enjoyed by all couples such as capacity to make medical decisions. The most important argument for opponents of gay marriage contrary to those supporting it is that marriage is a sacred and a sacrament thus should be respected 2010, opponents are just uncomfortable with the gay idea because from time. Proponents further claim that marriage should only be based on love and other factors given lesser concern Messerli..

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Thus the state should support the samesex relationship The Baron 2008, this would also harm straight marriage. Further the gays cannot reap equivalent benefits that nongays get via oppositesex relationships. Its a practice that seems unfit even by the mention of its name hence should not be made legal. The correct question should therefore be why there should be legalized gay marriage. This is contrary to most religions which view homosexuality as sin..


This was one of the major reasons why the constitution was established to protect the rights of all individuals Bidstrup. This is also due to the encouragement by marriage for people to settle down and abandon the risky type of lifestyle. Legalizing gay marriage would portray a defeat for the Christian Nationalists for their religion in the boundaries definition fight of American culture and law 2009, they continue to say that this marriage does not harm anyone therefore should be allowed. Messerli 2009 claims that religious and civil marriages are two different institutions thus denying the gay their marriage right is a violation of their freedom to religion..

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